Superintendent of Schools

 Mr. Christopher Rose
315-389-5131 ext. 29108 

I hope everyone is having a great summer and that you have found some renewed excitement as things start to return to normal.

Even though graduation just occurred, we are back at work and “rolling” with a variety of in-house opportunities for students to catch-up, make-up, get ahead, or just relax with summer camps.

  • High School Summer School began on July 6th with students coming into school to do their online summer school classes. (An SLC staff member will be in the room with students to assist with technology needs and any other questions). Staff and students will be required to wear masks while on a bus or inside the building. Masks can be removed when eating, while outside, and/or on a 6 ft. socially distanced mask break while seated in a classroom.

  • Middle and Elementary Summer School will begin July 12 for grades K-8. The response has been great and our numbers will be higher than ever. As of today, all students and staff will still be required to wear masks while inside the school building or on a bus. Students and staff can remove masks when outside, while eating, or when on a 6 ft. social distanced mask break when seated in a classroom. As always, students and staff may continue to wear masks at any time they wish.

  • GREAT NEWS….our Extended Day grant was renewed for the next four years! Weekly summer day camps have been set up for 5th and 6th grader students for this summer. Due to Covid restrictions on bussing numbers, we had to cap all camps at 33 and we are currently at capacity (waiting lists have been created and will be used if original students drop out for any reason).

  • Once again, Summer Recreation will be running for the month of July, starting Monday July 12th. This program will also be run out of the Elementary School with swimming lessons and activities available to children in grades 2-6 who are enrolled in the program.

As we continue to meet as a BOCES District, we have made the decision that only in-person learning will be offered at all 18 school districts (including SLC) this coming Fall. Remote learning will not be an option.

To close out the 2020-21 school year, we have to remember we have spent this last year listening to words like 6 feet, masks, sanitizing wipes, social distancing, Google Meet, Zoom, and much more. All are still things of the present, but will hopefully soon to be words of the past! Despite all the changes, I want to thank you all for meeting us at least halfway this year. If there was ever a year where positive relationships between school and home were a must, this was the year! This year parents, students, SLC staff, and our community really showed how meeting each other halfway, in any situation, can be a life lesson for the future.

As we reminded our Class of 2021 at graduation, most every successful relationship they will have once they leave us here at SLC, will involve them having to meet someone halfway. Our hope after this pandemic is over, is that we all continue on with this valuable lesson for years to come.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the 2020-21 school year!