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St. Lawrence Central Values Education and Athletics

Dear Parents and Community,

Athletics plays a very important part of our student's education. Sports can be very rewarding to a child and can also be very exciting to our community. Games can bring out emotions in fans and supporters of our teams. Sometimes these emotions can get the best of us as we want our children and teams to be successful.

I'm sure you are aware that athletic competition builds character and shapes lifetime attitudes. St. Lawrence Central wants to reinforce and promote the principles of good sportsmanship which are integrity, fairness and respect. A good sport, whether a student or a parent, is a true leader in the community. As a parent of a student at our school, we ask your commitment to reinforce these values with your son/daughter, and to remember that your behavior at games is also a reflection on our programs. We ask your assistance in upholding the highest degree of good sportsmanship by doing the following:

  • Appreciate all good plays and players whether they compete for my team or against it.

  • Remember that high school athletics are an extension of the classroom and that learning is taking place.

  • Don't direct negative comments or profanity toward officials, players or coaches.

  • Respect the abilities and sensitivities of our opponents, the officials and coaches, regardless of the outcome of the contest.

  • Acknowledge that I am not the coach of the team and will leave coaching duties to the person hired for the job.

  • Promote good sportsmanship within my home as a standard expectation.

  • Remember that my child has heard constructive criticism about performance from his/her coach and need not hear it from me as well.

  • When the opportunity arises, express appreciation to officials for their time and dedication.

  • When asked about a contest, comment on the positive parts and refrain from representing the activity with only negative observations.

  • Remember that my actions reflect on my children just as my children's actions reflect on me.

Brasher Falls Central School is committed to upholding the sportsmanship rules for Section X Athletics. Please remember that coaching, refereeing, and parenting are all tough jobs where we attempt to do the best for our kids. Please show respect to the coaches and referees working with our students.

Please be a fan, not a fanatic!


Brasher Falls Central Administration