Common Core Learning Standards:
The Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) are a set of clear guidelines showing what students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 should be able to do in reading, writing, speaking and listening, language and mathematics. By having common standards, all students across the state — and across the country —should have the opportunity to learn the same skills. 
Visit the Common Core State Standards website for more information.

As New York State embraces the Race to The Top initiative there have been many resources created to help parents and students better understand the common core curriculum academic shifts. 
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Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR):
Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) is the process by which teachers and principals are evaluated in New York state. The purpose of APPR is to empower educators to improve the quality of instruction in schools and, in turn, to improve students’ performance and readiness for colleges and careers. APPR plans must meet strict state guidelines and are negotiated with local unions. Brasher Falls CSD APPR Plan

Teach More, Test Less: Testing Transparency Reports:
The Commissioner has directed the Office of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness to review each district’s and BOCES’ APPR plan to identify opportunities for local action to ensure the minimum assessments necessary are used to inform effective decision making. The Department encourages leaders to use the Testing Transparency Report to help review their currently approved APPR plan to identify modifications that would be approvable by the Department and result in less testing for students.

NYS Report Card:
The NYS Education Department releases School Report Cards on every public school and district in the state. Based on some key assessments taken by students in New York public schools, the report cards provide achievement data on districts and schools, as compared to their past years’ performances and to other similar schools. Report cards are released each spring for the previous school year. 
Visit the NYS Education Department website to view the district’s latest report card.

Special Education:
The Special Education Department at Brasher Falls Central School District is committed to providing high quality special education and support services for our students and their families. The department includes teaching staff and paraprofessionals, including teaching assistants and classroom aides. 
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