About St. Lawrence Central Elementary

St. Lawrence Central Elementary educates students in the grades pre-kindergarten to fourth grade in the Brasher Falls Central School District.  Our school has an enrollment of nearly 400 students with four sections of kindergarten, first, second, and fourth grades and five sections of third grade.  Our pre-kindergarten has two half-day sections with eighteen students in each section.

St. Lawrence Central Elementary is committed to providing the best possible education to our students in pursuit of the Common Core Learning Standards.  Our core curriculum for both ELA and math continues to be the New York State Common Core Curriculum in a form adapted to meet our students' diverse needs.

Educational support in our building is provided by the following:

  • Two reading teachers

  • One Title I AIS teaching assistant

  • One half-time math AIS teacher

  • Two speech teachers

  • Occupational and physical therapy providers

  • One counselor

Our building runs on a six day cycle.  This cycle is in coordination with St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES such that days where school is canceled still count as a day in our cycle.  

St. Lawrence Central Elementary also plays host to community based services as well.  The Head Start program of the St. Lawrence County Community Development program has a room that holds a.m. and p.m. child development sessions.   We feel that this agency helps to provide for the needs of our community's children.