The district has been advised to make you aware of an incident that recently took place in a nearby school district where scammers sent a paper document stating that a student's personal identifiable information had been released from a software program used by the New York City School District.  With the family having moved to the area from New York City this school year, they became nervous and followed the directions on the document.   

When their family connected to the website, not only was this student's actual information stolen by the cybercriminals, but their home computer was also corrupted with many unwanted software programs.  The family had also used the student's new school email address in their response, which also put the school in jeopardy.

There have been no reports of any of our at SLC students receiving any letters from these criminals, but we wanted to share with everyone that these types of scams are out there.  As you can see, the family could have been made aware of this scam if they had looked at the header on the page.

It says that it is from the New York City Department of Education, but has a California address.

The district would also like to state that if under the unfortunate circumstance that any of our software companies ever have a breach where any of our students' information may have possibly been released, a statement from the district will be made and any additional communications will be from the district.  

Again, this communication is just a friendly reminder. If you ever have any questions about either an email or hard copy letter concerning a student's personal identifiable information, please contact Mr. Kevin Welsh, the Director of Technology and Data Protection Officer.   He is the person in the district that would have knowledge of any student information that may have been released, and advise you whether or not to respond before you respond to any request for further information on your part.