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Brasher Falls Central Remote Learning Plan

Asynchronous Learning - Students access learning at different times and work through it at their own pace.

“How often do all students need the exact same amount of time to complete a task? That's Right: never. Which is why asynchronous learning is one of the major advantages to a hybrid school system. 

Allowing students the freedom and agency to work through something on their own timeline can relieve stress for some and prevent boredom-based attention-seeking behavior from others. Even better, asynchronous learning doesn’t have to be limited to online or hybrid educational models. Asynchronous learning can be used in traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms too.” - Emma Pass, The Hybrid Teacher
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Community Update 8/10

Larries Community,

As I’m sure you have already heard, schools can reopen in September. It will be fantastic to have students back in the building. But we still have a lot of planning to do before then!
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Reopening Snapshot and Commitment Form

Please review the summary "snapshot" of our school's ReOpening Plan. The full plan can be found under the Community:COVID-19 section of our website.

This snapshot contains important information that parents will need in order to complete the Parent Commitment Form that will be distributed next week.
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Parent Survey

Larries Parents,

Governor Cuomo will be making a decision about schools reopening the first week of August. We received guidance from both the NYS Department of Health and NYS Education Department this past week. These guidelines outline the parameters under which we will be required to operate in order to maintain a safe environment for students and staff.
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