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Cafeteria Update

Brasher Falls Central Community,


It has been brought to my attention that there are many rumors and comments being shared on social media about the school’s lunch. Particularly an issue with mold found in fruit cups. I want to make sure that the correct information is being distributed.

A problem with the fruit cups was brought to my attention on Friday. I received a report of several incidents of this problem and contacted our cafeteria manager and BOCES supervisor. They immediately responded by pulling all the product so that we wouldn’t be serving this item.

The fruit cups are part of the USDA subsidized lunch product that all of the schools in our area receive. The fruit cups weren’t outdated but once opened, obviously had a problem. Our manager and supervisor are attending a meeting today with the USDA and will be communicating this problem. Our school wasn’t the only one to experience this problem and the fruit cups weren’t purchased with local tax payer money.

We are required to follow the USDA regulations for school cafeterias. These regulations dictate what can be served in our school. We take our student’s well being seriously and will do everything possible to ensure their safety.


Robert Stewart

Superintendent of Schools