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Introducing the New BFCSD.ORG!

Exciting features of our new site:

  • Coherent organization:  No longer will one need to perilously search for information with a new site hierarchy and enhanced search options.

  • Visual appeal:  The new site has an increased focus on visual appeal with large, engaging visuals while still maintaining the depth of information needed by our district.

  • Consistent style sheet:  With user restrained style sheets, we can be assured that no matter which page you go to, it resembles all other pages and that all of our pages "fit in."

  • Ease of picture replacement:  Changing our banner pictures is only a few clicks away!  This ease of access looks to improve the timeliness of updated media.

  • Ease of user input:  If you can post to Facebook and send an email, then you have the abilities to post content to our news feeds.

  • Blog style news posts:  Previously, our site had news that was displayed for periods of time that would then need to be erased and lost forever.  Our new site treats news items as blog posts and archives the stories for later retrieval.

  • Facebook integration:  Our district will be able to better create a digital presence in an ever social media influenced world as all district new stories have the ability to be pushed directly to our Facebook page for dynamic content generation.

  • Site pop ups:  Posts on each school's page can be made to have their title as pop up click-throughs on their page.  That is, you will be made to view a window telling you the information before being able to proceed.

  • Content subscriptions:  Parents can now subscribe to a teacher's feed so that each post that is put up will send an email out to the subscribed parents.

  • App creation:  Included in our site is the creation of a mobile app intended for cell phones.  While still in development, this app looks to be hosted on both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Google single sign on:  The site integrates Google SSO so that signing into the back end of the site is just a click of a button.

  • Teacher pages and blog feeds:  With ease of access for teachers to use the site, content generation looks to reach new heights.