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Athletics Winter, Fall II and Spring

After a special meeting of the Board of Education on February 9th, the following items were discussed and decided upon based on the safety of our particular athletes/district:

  • There will be NO overlapping of sport seasons.  Other Section X  schools may be overlapping but in the best interest of our student athletes, the size of our student population, and on-line learning challenges; again, we will NOT be overlapping sports. 
  • Section X has determined that there will be NO fans allowed in to watch during the Winter Season (once we are outside for Fall 2 and Spring this may change). To the best of our ability, all scorekeepers, clock operators, chaperones etc. will be non-parents in order to avoid any sense of unfairness.  One chaperone will be at each home game (SLC administrator and/or the Athletic Director). They will be responsible for the teams signing & temperature check-ins and will be prepared to quarantine any player that may show Covid-19 signs during the contest. No visiting team scorekeepers will be allowed (Section X decision). 
  • Games will be livestreamed in most gyms and hockey arenas.  Our school photographer has agreed to attend all HOME games and take action photos of all athletes.  She has agreed to post those pictures after each game on each of the following:  (Tri-Town Candid Pics facebook page and the full gallery in albums on her website.) 
  • Certain schools/arenas may allow one radio announcer in for certain games with advanced notice. (Chance to provide live broadcasts for parents/fans). This person would be completely secluded from all players, coaches, etc. 
  • Only Board of Education appointed coaches will be allowed into winter season practices and games. There will be no exceptions. 

  • The following are the dates/information for the upcoming seasons...
  • Winter Season (B&G Varsity Hockey and B&G Varsity & JV Basketball) - Official practices began February 13th  - Games will begin on March 1st - Season will end March 21st - Note: Practices will be held during the February break. 
  • Fall 2 Season (G Varsity & Modified Swimming w/ virtual meets, B Varsity & Modified Football, B&G Varsity Cheerleading, and B&G Modified Basketball) Athletes will only be able to play ONE sport during this season.  Official practices will begin on March 22nd  - Season will end on April 18th. Note:  Practices and/or games WILL occur during the Spring Break (April 2-11). Players will be expected to be in attendance. 
  • Spring Season (B Varsity & Modified Baseball, G Varsity, JV, Modified Softball, B&G Golf, B&G Varsity & Modified Lacrosse, B&G Track and Field - G Lacrosse and Track and Field are mergers) Official practices begin April 19th - Season will end June 13th OR June 20th depending on NYS Regents decision. Note: Practices and/or games WILL occur during the Memorial Day Weekend (May 28-30). Players will be expected to be in attendance. 

  • Miscellaneous information/reminders:
  • Section X is trying to keep ALL away bus trips to 30 minutes or less in each direction.  With this, we may be playing schools we may not normally or more often than usual.   
  • Section X is trying to schedule all games so that the same two schools play each other (home and away)  in the same week to try and limit the spread of the virus as much as possible and keep our athletes, coaches, and officials as safe as possible. 
  • The “7 Day Rule” has been waived for the remainder of the school year.  This allows schools to play 7 days in a row (not normally allowed) and to use Sunday’s if needed for games.  SLC will maintain respect for Sunday’s  by only allowing practices, games, travel, to occur after 12:00 noon. 
  • Reminder: during the Winter Season you may hear of some schools (mainly Class D schools that do not have sports to offer in the Fall 2 Season) going past the March 21st end date that we have set. 
  • Please be on the lookout for sign-ups for both the Fall 2 and Spring Sports coming soon from Mr. Reome (AD). We ask that you are sure to look over the dates and sports being offered in each season (provided above) to be sure you/your child is 100% committed to our SLC Teams.  Sign ups will be closed on the final date listed by our Athletic Director.  We need accurate numbers, well in advance, to be sure we can offer full teams. 

Please send any Questions or Comments directly to:

Chris Rose - Superintendent of BFCSD - 


Joey Reome - Athletic Director - 

Our BOE, Staff, and Administration are looking forward to seeing our students back competing in as safe a controlled environment as possible.