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COVID 19 Student Testing

December 17, 2020



In the progress reports mailed home next week, you will find information about student COVID -19 Testing in school. If the Governor deems us a “Yellow Zone”, we will be required to test 20% of all in person students and staff.

This is not the long nasal swab test, but a swab of the nose inserted approximately 1 inch. Each nostril is circled 5 times with the swab and then the swab is placed on a test card for 15 minutes. If a student is negative, they are sent right back to class. If positive, we call parents so they can follow up with health care professionals.

Our trained school nurses administer all of the test. Results are confidential but must be reported to NYS. To see the test administered, check out the video posted on our website under the COVID – 19 section.

A consent form will accompany the information mailed home. Please have your child return the consent form to school if you are willing to allow testing.

Stay Safe,

Bob Stewart

Superintendent of Schools