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Parent Reminder


Parent Drop Off 

Elementary: Students may be dropped off starting at 8:30 at the pool door located on the side of the building. A staff member will supervise students in the gym at socially distanced seats.  Any students dropped off after 9:00 must be signed in by a parent and come through the main entrance.


Secondary: This will occur in the back parking lot at the cafeteria doors. Please use George St. and drive behind the bus garage to reach the backlot.  No students will be allowed in the building until 7:30. All students must report to the cafeteria where they will be socially distanced until 7:50.


Parent Pick Up

Elementary: Students will go to the cafeteria, where they are socially distanced. 

If you have already indicated that your child is a permanent parent pick-up on our commitment form, you will pull up to the curb by the cafeteria exit and your child will be released to you. If your child regularly rides the bus and you need to pick them up on any given day, you must enter the pick up loop, park, and go to the cafeteria window to sign your child(ren) out.  This must be done by 3:15, or your child will ride the bus. If you are stuck in the pick-up line, please call the office so we can be sure they do not get put on a bus. We have many more students being picked up this year, so expect a line. We ask that you please come up George St. from CR 50.


Secondary: Students will report to the cafeteria when dismissed where they will be socially distanced and wear masks. Parents will pull up to the door and request their student from a staff member who will radio for the student to be sent out to the car. Any overflow will be socially distanced in the gym. Please use George St. and drive behind the bus garage to reach the backlot. 


First Day: The first day of school for everyone is September 8th. This will look different for different groups of students.

  1. All remote students will log onto their teacher’s Google Classroom to receive and complete their assignments for the day.
  2. Elementary In Person learners will come to school.
  3. Grades 5-12 Monday & Tuesday In Person learners will come to school
  4. Grades 5-12 Monday & Tuesday Remote learners will log onto teacher’s Google Classrooms
  5. Seaway Tech students will attend half day at Seaway Tech and log onto teacher’s Google Classrooms the other half of the day.

Chromebooks & Remote Learning Items:

If you are a remote learner or BB learner, and did not pick up these items, come to the bus garage Wednesday between noon - 6:00pm. They are critical to learning this year.


Busing: Students will be socially distanced on buses to the best of our ability. We anticipate approximately 20 students on a 66 passenger bus. Siblings will be seated together. All students are required to wear masks the entire time on the bus. Please be patient for the bus to arrive as we have new routes.


Bus Passes: No bus notes will be accepted. Students will be transported to the normally scheduled address for that day of the week. Example: If the student is normally transported to a daycare provider on Tuesday they will continue to be transported to that address.


Ordering Meals: Students that are attending school in person will be able to purchase breakfast and lunch. Free or reduced meal students will be provided with the meals. Students that are not in school will be provided with breakfast and lunch for the days they are not in school through Wednesday meal pick up. Meals will be available depending upon the number of remote learning days in your child’s schedule.

One Day Meal Bag - Remote only 1 day

Three Day Meal Bag - Remote 3 days

Five Day Meal Bag - All Remote

Meal options are available for all students. Free and reduced lunch students are provided free. Others may purchase the meals. In order to pick up meals on Wednesdays, parents must complete the Meal Option Order Form by Monday at 10:00am each week. The form will remain available on our website under Food Service.