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Community Update 6/1/2020 - End of Year Information

The following is information necessary for us to close out the school year. Thank you for assisting in the completion of these tasks.


Tuesday June 16th will be the final day of instruction for this school year. We will be continuing remote online learning through June 12th. On June 15th & 16th teachers will be supplying instructional assignments that can be completed without technology for the last two days of instruction. This will end the school year.

BOCES Seaway Tech will end on June 15th

Chromebook & Charger Collection Schedule:

June 15: 9:00am - 4:00pm Any grade level

June 16: 12:00pm - 5:00pm Any grade level

We will be collecting Chromebooks back on June 15th & 16th. Chromebooks will be shut off for the summer and will not work. We plan to assign a Chromebook to every student at the beginning of next school year. In this manner, students will have technology ready should we ever have another emergency situation. By collecting the Chromebooks, we can service and repair all of them so they are ready for the students when we return.

We will be collecting in the same manner in which they were distributed from the bus garage. Please remain in your vehicle and wear a mask for the safety of all.

Other Items

Please return any items that should be returned to school at the same time as the Chromebook return. This includes textbooks, instruments, choral music sheets, calculators, etc. All items will be delivered to the bus garage.

Picking Up Student’s Items - Main Doors of HS

June 9th will be the 3rd and final day for picking up student’s items. This is for elementary students and anyone left over from the middle and high school buildings. This pick up will be from the main doors of the HS. The elementary student items will be bagged and brought to the HS for pick up. DO NOT GO TO THE ELEMENTARY. 

Budget Vote

This year’s vote for next year’s budget is completely by absentee ballot. You should have received a ballot and return envelope. There is 0% school tax increase for the local residents.  All ballots must be returned by 5:00pm on June 9th to count.  If you have not received a ballot and would like to vote, please call Cindy Delisle, District Clerk at (315) 389-5131 x29108 or email at

Meal Distribution

The final day of meal distribution will be June 9th. Thank you to all that have helped us prepare and distribute food to our students over the last 3 months. If you are in need of food, please contact the local food pantry at (414) 491-3506.


Our graduation committee is working to organize some form of a ceremony for our seniors. This will not be the usual ceremony. Whatever process is organized, it will be live streamed to the community.

Thank you and stay safe.

Bob Stewart,

Superintendent of Schools