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Absentee Ballots

Absentee Ballots have been mailed to every qualified voter provided to our District by the Board of Elections.  If you do not receive one and would like to vote, please call Mrs. Delisle at (315) 389-5131 x 29108 or email  
Please complete the ballot, put it in the envelope with the Statement of Absentee Voter, date and sign the envelope.  If you don't date and sign the envelope, the ballot will be considered VOIDED.  Place that sealed envelope in the return envelope to Cindy Delisle, District Clerk. 
Many Concerned:  The ballots will all be opened after 5:00 PM on June 16th.  All envelopes will be opened and the ballots will be kept folded until all envelopes are have been opened and discarded.  The ballots will then be mixed up, unfolded and then counted.  We will not know how anyone voted - it is completely anonymous.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email Mrs. Delisle (info above).  Thank you everyone and please stay safe and healthy.