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Community Update Regarding Closure

Fellow Larries,


We are in unprecedented times. The COVID 19 virus will affect our lives in one manner or another. I speak about team often and fully believe in the power of a focused group. Now is the time for us to pull together as a Larries community to help each other. The best way to do this right now is by remaining calm and working the problem in front of us. We will get through this together. 


Yesterday,  the 18 superintendents in SLL BOCES, along with the entire BOCES administrative team, met with Dana McGuire (Director of Public Health) and Dr. Williams (physician and chair of St. Lawrence Health Systems Emergency Response Team).  We have been consulting with them frequently. Although, there have been no confirmed cases in St. Lawrence County, they are certain the virus is here. They also shared their capacity for volume and severity of illness. If the North Country experiences an exponential growth of illness (which has occurred in every other country), the hospitals will not be able to support the sick.  They simply don't have the capacity.  


Dr. Williams then shared the graphs detailing the effects of social isolation. The idea is to flatten the spike in sickness by extending how long it takes to spread. In this manner, our systems may better handle the potential numbers of sick. If we can put into practice social isolation, then we may have a chance to mitigate the impact of this virus. If we wait until the virus takes hold, then it will be too late. With this being said, please remember that, from what we know now, a large percentage of the affected people simply have minor or flu like symptoms.


In analyzing all these factors, the DOH recommended a school closing.  After much discussion, we decided to immediately enact this measure for a minimum of five weeks.  Other groups from around the state were meeting simultaneously - much to the same conclusion.  


Soon we will be providing students and families with information about instruction, student services, and food distribution for student’s breakfast and lunches. As you can imagine, these logistics will take us time to organize. This should be within the week and you will receive communication from the District.



We prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The schedule for this coming week is as follows. We are cleaning the building to follow good preventative measures. Please remember that we have not had a confirmed case of COVID 19 in our county as of today. 


Monday - Cleaners and Maintenance report to work. (Others may be called in)  Either way, continue to practice social health etiquette and proper social distancing.  

The administrative and supervisor team will be meeting tomorrow to continue planning for instruction and student services such as food and counseling.


Tuesday -  Cleaners and Maintenance report to work.(Others may be called in)   Either way, continue to practice social health etiquette and proper social distancing. 


Wednesday - Cleaners, Maintenance, Administration, and all 12 month employees.  


Thursday & Friday - All Faculty & Staff



Please continue to follow safe practices at home. We have various resources posted on our website at BFCSD.ORG. We are here to serve our students and community. We will all get through this together!



Bob Stewart

Superintendent of Schools