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Adulting Day

Teachers, staff, community members and students held an "adulting day" for high school students on May 23rd during the school day. Students selected a variety of sessions aimed at imparting life skills they might be lacking. 
Through Title 4 grant money, secured in partnership with SLL BOCES, St. Lawrence Central has formed Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) among teachers. At the beginning of the year, teachers in the PLCs had the opportunity to pitch innovative ideas to the district administration in order to receive some of the grant money. One of the successful pitches was for the Adulting Day
Teachers were surveyed about which skills they felt their students might be lacking. High school students were also surveyed and asked, "if you had to live on your own tomorrow, what types of things do you think you would need to know?" ​Based on the topics identified by both students and teachers, the teachers leading the charge for this event came up with a list of informational sessions. They then put the call out to school staff and community organizations to ask for experts to volunteer to lead sessions. Students were also asked if they would like to lead peer-to-peer sessions. For instance, students in the auto-tech program at BOCES volunteered to teach basic car maintenance. The NYS Police volunteered to conduct a session on what to do if a student is pulled over. 
Through the Title 4 grant, students were given items at each session. For instance, in a session about how to sew on a button, students received a small sewing kit. In the automotive session, they received a tire pressure gauge. 
Students were able to sign up for the sessions that interested them the most, or best filled their own skills gap.​​